I was born 1952 in Baltimore, MD; raised in the then rural Severn, MD. Spent most of my early years interested in sports, being especially good at baseball and swimming. Attended Cardinal Gibbons High School and gravitated toward the arts, dropping sports. Accepted into the Maryland Insttitute, College of Art and after graduating moved to NYC. Weary of the art world, I enrolled in the, at the time, innovative Multi-Media graduate program at the University of Iowa, under Hans Breder. Ana Mendieta and Charles Ray were there also. Disillusioned with the lack of coherence in the program, I switched majors to Art History and was allowed into the Ph.D. program with Stephen Foster (Dada Spectrum, Critics of Abstract Expressionism, Berlin Dada: Politics of Revolt). Met and married Merri Martens, then decided to take an MA and leave Iowa City. Lived in Fort Wayne, IN, then moved to Holland MI. Three children: Kiel, Halie, Emma.